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To Have and to Give

I sat by the window, musing. Money was tight. The birthdays of my two closest friends were fast-approaching. These beautiful women had walked with me through almost 20 years, with all their hills and valleys. I wanted their birthday gifts to reflect my appreciation. A sigh slipped through my lips. What can I give them, Lord?

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Supporting Matthew Garwood

Matthew Garwood is presenting his Debut Solo Concert here in Launceston on December 12, LIVE at Door of Hope. Flourish was privileged to have Matt as part of the 2014 program, and now we’d like to support him back. Won’t you join us, by booking a seat and enjoying this incredible local talent? Continue reading “Supporting Matthew Garwood”

The Beauty of Ordinary

I was recently unravelled by a chat with a couple of nine-year-olds.

My daughter’s class were bush dancing for their PE session. Their knees lifted high and their heads bobbed as they heel-toe, heel-toed back and forth in front of me. It looked like so much fun that I decided to join in Continue reading “The Beauty of Ordinary”

Salted Caramel Fudge – Here’s the Recipe!

We hope you enjoyed Flourish last week! We had a ball and were so thrilled to see SO many women chatting, shopping, eating and getting their fill of inspiration – and fudge.

You asked for the recipe, well here it is.

If you weren’t at Flourish last Saturday, you missed seeing Masterchef contestant Amy Luttrell mix up some salted caramel fudge and then serve up some she “prepared earlier” – a piece for all 450 of us! She reeled off the recipe as she was doing her live demonstration but, if you’re anything like me, the important details of quantities and cooking time didn’t stick. Here’s the recipe – have fun!

Amy’s Salted Caramel Fudge


1 litre milk
500g brown sugar
1tbs butter
550g milk chocolate
Good pinch of salt


To make the milk caramel, combine the milk and sugar and reduce over a very low heat until thick and sticky (about 2 hours), then whisk in the butter. You should have about 1 1/2 cups of caramel.
Melt the chocolate, stir through the milk caramel, add the salt and pour into a silicone mould.

Set for about four hours before cutting into pieces.

Flourish… The True Sense of the Word.

This post is brought to you by Flourish event director Amanda Towns. She’s taken time out of her frantic, Flourish-week schedule to pen a few thoughts especially for you.  Continue reading “Flourish… The True Sense of the Word.”

Flourish Handmade Market

We know how much you love to SHOP and it’s getting to the point where Flourish wouldn’t be Flourish without the Flourish Handmade Market. Yup. It’s on again! From 8am on Flourish Day (Saturday, August 22), the venue foyer will be humming with the happy sounds of women shopping.

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Have You Braved the Outdoors Lately?

It’s mid-July, the deepest, darkest part of winter – the time of year when sensible people stay tucked up inside by the fire. Yet one unusually warm day last week the sun streamed through my window and beckoned me outside. Continue reading “Have You Braved the Outdoors Lately?”

Let’s Meet a Month From Now!

It’s the 23rd of July today – which means it’s less than one month until we meet under the Flourish banner for a day of encouragement, refreshing and feminine chit-chat. Continue reading “Let’s Meet a Month From Now!”

Something You Should Know About Michelle Mitchell

When she’s not working her bum off writing, speaking, teaching or mentoring, you might find Michelle Mitchell scooting around her Brisbane home, picking up her teenage sons’ socks and jocks! The self-professed homebody is this year’s Flourish keynote speaker and we’re convinced you’re going to be inspired and challenged by what she has to share. Continue reading “Something You Should Know About Michelle Mitchell”

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