For those who were able to join us at Flourish on Saturday – we sincerely hope you had fun, made some new friends and were challenged to LIVE LIFE LARGE!

Karen was on fire, bringing us a message that questioned the way we live.  I was particularly challenged by what she shared about the ‘inner child’ concept.  In her practical, toolkit manner, she gave us five tips for letting our inner child free… do you remember them?


Here they are:

1. Rediscover your gifts and talents.  Ask yourself, ‘what do I love doing?’ and do it more!

2. Spend time being creative.

3. Play lots.  Give yourself permission to laugh and enjoy the moment.

4. Don’t ignore the company of others.  What if, in our worst moments, we reached out to others instead of withdrawing.  Reach out, don’t retreat.

5. Step out in courage. Take a breath.  Face the fear.  Step out.
Don’t be afraid to shine

These are sketchy notes, I know, but hopefully they will act as triggers so that everything you learnt on Saturday isn’t lost as you go back to your busy routines.  Make sure you let the words permeate.  Make sure you allow your life to be touched and changed.  Be strategic if you need to – print this out and stick it on your fridge.  Add ‘play dates’ to your diary.  Take up a creative course.  Pray for God to open your eyes to the people around you and how you can reach out to them.

Sound too scary?  You know what to do:  take a breath, face the fear, step out.

P.S. For the month of August you can get tickets to next year’s Flourish event for the super duper reduced rate of $45!  Click here to register now – in fact, why not get a big group together so that you can tread this journey as a team!